Why are we doing Touch in Caucasus

Back in 2016, we as founders of a digital agency Onesoul decided to improve the overall level and knowledge of web design and development in the region by gathering together experts and newcomers in the field for a small meetup. Over 200+ attendees got interested and joined us for the very first edition of Touch. We had only 6 speakers and made it more kind of a networking party - in Georgian style, combining work and having fun.

This felt like something we should definitely continue, and apart from doing periodic gatherings with creative people in Tbilisi, decided to move forward and make Touch an annual digital event.

Year after year, our network was growing as well as the number and quality of digital professionals in the country - and region. Digital marketing event became a Digital Summit uniting representatives from more spheres and kinds of business.

This year, we are happy to present you an international event for everyone related to digital, creative, big data, corporate transformation, production and entrepreneurship.

Why getting in Touch?

Touch will be a great chance for visitors from international companies and foreign countries to explore the Caucasus market. We are expecting owners and top executives of SME and corporate business from various spheres in the region, be it wine production, development, Big Data, hospitality, energy or IT.

Georgia stands on the intersection of occidental and the oriental worlds, so the Summit should be a meeting point for business of these markets and facilitate bilateral collaboration between them.

Summit will bring to Tbilisi speakers from many corners of the planet, from the USA to the Middle East. Main stage session will include:
Tech business building
Enterprise digitalisation
Women in tech
Product design
Content Creation
Creative production
Data Science: Cases
Startups & Entrepreneurship

Besides 2 stages with keynote talks, fireside chats and panel discussions, we will have a Startup expo and pitching competition, Partners expo, Design Laboratory for creative agencies, coding and design workshops, b2b meetings via mobile app, networking parties and other side activities.

What makes Touch different from other events in the region?

We are happy to have more and more initiatives aimed at improving the level of local services and products, creating new jobs and promoting Georgia. These all movements are sometimes quite sporadic while Touch is going to unite all the efforts and set the beginning for a 4 season educational platform.

Our team wish to engage global experts in the fields of digital and creative production who could help local youth to gain enough skills to pursue their goals and create better solutions for the local and global market.

One more big objective of Touch is to showcase the opportunities of the Georgian market for foreign investors and global companies. Providing funding to the country cannot bring any results if nobody knows how to manage this money properly, that’s why we need to work on growing new leaders and professionals ready to work on the welfare of people in the country.

Meanwhile, presenting our companies and products to incoming attendees could show hat we already do quite a high-level quality job. Promoting Georgia as a touristic and recreational spot and, at the same time, a digital hub is what Touch should work on.

We hope that everyone coming to Touch 2019 - be it digital professionals, marketing or SMM specialists, business owners, top executives of big companies, investors, startups, media or governmental representatives - all of them will find new connections, useful information, get a cool experience and just have some fun with like-minded people. Grab your tickets with discounts now