Banking is no longer somewhere you go, but something you do

In an era when it is possible to: send messages to thousands of people at a time, make any information available just by pressing one button, find out more about major events around the world in just a few minutes, while as time is the most scarce thing for modern people, the institutions that fail to meet fast, convenient, affordable and easy standards of service - cannot be considered modern.

The banking sector is not an exception either. Under the old, conservative banking system, in order to receive the banking services, the client had to go to the branch, spend time and accept the bank's offers unquestionably. The client requirements were almost non-existent in the old reality. Time has changed: today, the new banking system is designed to provide comfort to the client, optimize time, maximize consideration for customer demand and provide tailor-made services. A modern bank is always at the time and location necessary for customers.

The provision of fast and convenient simple services with sophisticated design to the users is unthinkable without the use of modern digital technologies. In close collaboration with the ecosystem, the Bank seeks to streamline business operations for the users and bring banking services in line with other modern digital services.

The banking that proves its value in the long run and what steps a traditional bank can take to keep apace with modernity, how the banking sector is undergoing transformation in that direction, how the banking sector will integrate with the ecosystem, and how will look the bank, that proves its value in the long run – Giorgi Vashakidze, the head of the electronic banking products development and innovations service of the Bank of Georgia is getting prepared to discuss  these and other issues with you.