Creative Touch is coming

After a great success of Touch 2019 - Digital Summit, we decided to create even more value for digital business in Georgia. 

Next stop - Creative Touch held on 27-29 February at Rooms Kazbegi, Georgia.

We want to educate a new generation of digital creative professionals through an experiment: put together representatives of various Georgian and foreign companies  - designers, UX/UI, project managers, product managers, film productions, VR/AR developers, content creators - and make them ideate and create anything they want? 

This is what we call a creathon, where talented people can share their ideas and knowledge with others, work together on some crazy stuff with colleagues in the industry, and find out new sources of inspiration, partnerships and new hires for their team.

So, how will it work?

On 27 February, we all come to the venue at Rooms Kazbegi, organisers randomly divide all the participants into 4-6 groups, each group gets a short brief and a moderator to work on - it can be a short movie, documentary, photo series, illustration, animation, short theatrical play or art performance. The groups start working on their project and will present them to everyone at the end of the creathon, on the evening of 29 February.

After that, we choose the most futuristic project, the craziest project, the most authentic idea or whatever we think about while watching the performance.

Apart from the group work, we’ll also have time for a small conference and, of course, some fun. Keynote talks and workshops are planned, and speakers to be announced soon ;) 

Moreover, we’ll have a Movie night for which we’re going to open a call soon, and Arts&Chats night - an informal discussion of the art or design trends with our speakers.

On 1 March, if the weather works well, we'll have a Boiler Room aferparty!

And getting back from all this festival to Tbilisi only on 1 March evening.

Come join us if you want to:

  • Learn how to grow fast and get to new heights in your career;

  • Learn how to scale your creative business;

  • Learn the leadership and new skills from the invited professionals;

  • Find the new partners, outsourcing team, or even customers;

  • Find the new talents to your team;

  • And find new friends for future work on developing the art scene in Georgia.

How to participate

You can get one of the passes here.

Let’s Touch! <3