Plans & Expectations for Creative Touch 2020

We are more than happy to hold this year's first event - Creative Touch 2020: Winter Edition. But before talking about what to expect at Creative Touch, let’s take a look at our history in numbers. 

For the past 4 years, Touch has grown into something big and influential. The first summit in 2016 featured only 6 speakers and gathered around 200 attendees. Over the years, these numbers have increased dramatically, bringing 40+ speakers and 1000+ attendees at Touch 2019. In overall, Touch has hosted more than 2,500 attendees and about 80 speakers from top companies all around the world sharing their innovative vision and experience in managing business. 

Unlike previous summits...

Touch winter edition will focus on rather different topics, giving the audience practical information about the digital creative industry, insights, tips and tricks on opening a brand new market.

As you already know from the earlier summits, Touch is not a boring, monotonous conference with speakers talking about nothing inspiring. We make it vibrant, full of global connections, activities, competitions, workshops, and parties. We try to touch people’s minds and hearts.

At Touch 2019, we had a chance to talk about making pictures of the stars with our speaker from NASA, while drinking wine and watching the first snow through French windows.

Breathtaking emotions are yet to come

At Creative Touch 2020, we will be offering Touch visitors 3 days outside Tbilisi, high up in the mountains of Kazbegi for creative and educational as well as recreational purposes. 

Creative Touch is going to be a truly international event with around 100 attendees from local and foreign creative digital industries and productions. The guests will hear the speeches from 10+ exceptional professionals from the industries like UX/UI, graphic and motion design, animation, film production, content creation, product management etc. We bring people from different parts of the world with different ideas and mindset. 

Take advantage of a unique opportunity for strategic partnerships and collaborations to grow and scale, to build your own network.

P.S. Don’t forget that our international environment is always a great fun one shouldn’t miss. We provide you not only with talks, workshops and group work but also with real catch networking parties, movie night, art, music and friendly atmosphere.

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