Topics We Touch @ Creative Touch

Each international festival aims for its speakers to inspire attendees with their stories, about their ideas, realised products and achievements in business.

Though, this is not all you will get from spending 3 breath-taking days at Creative Touch. For Touch winter edition, our goal is to bring together foreign and local digital creative professionals to exchange experiences and create new content as part of creathon, the main activity of the event.

Touch also provides an international platform for people operating in the creative industry to present and discuss their innovations as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in their fields. We want our speakers to encourage and motivate young companies to become successful and go global.

Before the event, take a look at the suggested keynote topics covered:

* Design - A huge industry dictating the rules of innovation, communication, content creation and building the business processes. It’s about culture, vision, revealing new sides of everyday life and setting up high standards in business. 

* UX/UI - UX and UI are integral to each other’s success, two very different disciplines that work in harmony. It’s up to them to make sure every single visual element feels united, both aesthetically, and on purpose. With every new technological development, UX/UI designers must be ready to adapt. Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned professional, you will want to stay up-to-date of what’s going on in the exciting field of user experience and user interface design. 

* Filming - At Creative Touch, a big part of the program will be dedicated to filming industry, as it creates the most needed and viral content. Let’s talk about leading the animation teams for big TV broadcasters. It’s time to discuss one of the most popular Georgian movies that was granted with a bunch of prestigious awards - “13 Tsameti” (2005).

* Product - Product development is a core purpose of our creathon - 3-day experience aimed for teaching participants the practice on how to ideate, design, plan and build the products in the creative industry. Short movie, UX solution and performance, illustration, photo series, documentary - you have less than 48 hours to create something special, combining Georgian authenticity with digital tools and crazy ideas in the marvellous environment of Rooms Kazbegi.

* Marketing - The topic that touches each and every business - marketing, or the tools of conquering the market. What trends rule the world of digital marketing today? How to plan your marketing strategy, who should work on it and which tools should they use? Building the diverse team to build the fantastic marketing and grow the company to the global level - those are the topics to be discovered at the conference.

* VR/AR - VR has a long history of development. There are tons of possibilities in virtual reality, and they all involve taking over your vision to replace the outside world with a virtual one. Whereas virtual reality replaces your vision, augmented reality adds to it, letting you see everything in front of you as if you are wearing a weak pair of sunglasses. You all remember “Pokemon Go’s” success, a truly global project with an unbelievably fast and vast customer acquisition. What else do they have for us? We’ll learn about the future of VR/AR at Creative Touch. 

Other topics we touch: 

- Creativity

- Production

- Digital & Art

In addition, we will host workshop with James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger), feedback session with Ernest Chan (DreamWorks) and a webinar with the founder of Smashing Magazine, also a Movie Night (presentation of short movies by Georgian directors chosen by you) and Arts&Chats (informal discussion of the latest trends in arts, design, tech, etc).

Creative Touch awaits for your visionary ideas and future-oriented thoughts!

Let’s Touch!