Need creative business advice or an inspiring idea?

One of the biggest benefits of attending Creative Touch is getting to know other people in your field and having a key opportunity for networking to help your company go global. Having lots of connections can benefit you in many different ways, such as job hunting and future collaborations.

Being the biggest and the loudest event of this winter, Creative Touch is all about global networking and establishing strategic partnerships. International experts of the creative digital industry will share their knowledge, experience and ideate together to create something brand new and mind-blowing.

What you can learn at Creative Touch

- Story and character in digital animation.

- Film industry in Georgia and tips for beginner movie directors.

- How to grow your career in the animation industry.

- How to build your professional freelance network, create new formats and sustainable professionalism.

- 5 core things you need to know to create a great experience for the players based on Wargaming products.

- YouTube creative tips for ads.

- Finding inspiration through getting lost, how to rethink the art and create new content.

- Culture in digital media.

- Feedback sessions for animators by Ernest Chan (DreamWorks Animation).

- How to pitch your project in the filming industry.

- Bringing personality back to the web: practical tips for UX/UI designers.

- Design making process and insights of creating/receiving the design that works.

- The future of VR/AR in 2-3 years and in 5-7 years: hardware and software trends as augmented and virtual reality platforms lay a foundation for ubiquitous interfaces, helping users dynamically blend the digital world with the real world.

- Be brave, create with love! How to find and strive for the job you love.

- Music videos as a short form of visual storytelling, cinematographic and abstract.

- Introduction to producing live events in-line with the business mission & vision statements, how to build on your brand through creative activations and the importance of establishing an archive.

- Mastering Product Thinking - Crash Course.

A Few Tips For A Greater Experience

Here are some tried-and-true tips for making the most of the conference that you should keep in mind while attending Creative Touch 2020:

- Be prepared for non-stop activities, including creathon, talks, workshops, Q&A sessions, group work, movie night, networking parties and even skiing

- Aim to meet new people as Creative Touch is your one-in-a-lifetime chance for making collaborations with the most successful professionals in this ever-growing business industry

- Talk to people you don't know as well as those you do - hear new ideas and new perspectives, it will help you broaden your professional network

- Be ready to catch the mic and ask questions to our speakers, express your opinions, be bold in sharing your thoughts during discussions!

- Don't be shy about participating - that's what the event is for, after all!

- Share your ideas with your group during creathon as you’ll never know, maybe it’s the one to produce a new creative product.

Be inspired and motivated, get yourself excited!

Make the most of your time and have fun! 

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