Full Agenda Announced For Creative Touch

We are happy to share with you our rich program of the event. From interactive lectures and Q&A sessions to captivating speakers and fun activities - Touch: Winter Edition will give you the inspiration, success stories, best workshops and creative ideas you need to build your own network for your company and go global.

The focus of the event is to educate a new generation of digital creative professionals through an experiment by bringing together filmmakers, product managers, UX/UI designers, project managers, content creators, VR/AR developers from around Georgia and the globe. So make sure to check out the impressive line-up of speakers’ lectures and workshops in store for you and start making plans to join us in Rooms Kazbegi for 27 February - 1 March.

27 February / Day 1

9:00 - Touch partner picks up all the guests at some point in Tbilisi by bus and takes to Kazbegi. Small stop in Ananuri is planned.

13:00 - Arrival in Kazbegi, registration, division into groups for creathon and welcome lunch. 

13:30 - Creathon kicks off! Official opening of the event by Touch team.

15:00 - Guests (with reservation in the Rooms) are invited to check-in and enjoy free time. 

19:40 - Opening Keynote talk by Ernest Chan - Digital animation supervisor at DreamWorks Animation. He’ll share his experience and talk about story and character, from the point of view of animation.

20:10 - Movie night! A presentation of short movies by young Georgian directors. 

28 February / Day 2

10:00 - Ernest Chan, workshop and Q&A session about how to grow your career in the animation industry.

12:20 - Workshop by Zoe Kahlert, co-founder of BFF Berlin - a female-led video collective. She will be talking about how to build your professional freelance network, create new formats and sustainable professionalism.

15:30 - Andrew Nedzvedsky, "Designing interfaces for games: 5 core things you need to know to create a great experience for the players, based on Wargaming products".

16:00 - Talk from Sergii Bratusov, head of the branding industry at Google, about YouTube creative tips for ads as he is currently involved with Youtube creative and media strategies. 

16:30 - James Kerr, a.k.a. Scorpion Dagger will have a discussion with the attendees about finding inspiration through getting lost. He is famous for humorously bringing Renaissance paintings to life in the form of GIFs. "We'll explore together by playing some drawing games, and see what kind of weird new ideas we come up with,” says Kerr.

19:00 - Michael Stangl, Curator at Large in Boiler Room, will answer the questions about music and broadcasting through the live stream on the Touch Digital Summit Facebook page

19:30 - Online webinar from David Wilson about How to direct across multi-disciplines. He is a director of music clips for Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Royal Blood, Metronomy, David Guetta & Sia, Dita von Teese, as well as commercials for Nike, IKEA, Lady Gaga, Nokia etc.

20:00 - Talk by Bacho Barnabishvili, about building the design community in Georgia, success and challenges.

21:00 - Workshop by Temur Babluani, director and actor known for “13 Tsameti” (2005) and “Udzinarta Mze” (1992). He will be talking about his career and success story, film industry in Georgia, share tips for beginner movie directors.

29 February / Day 3

10:00 - Warm up with engaging online webinar from Vitaly Friedman talking about bringing personality back to the web.

10:40 - Takaka Abramia about the design that works. During her talk, Takaka will overview the design making process and will share the interesting insights of creating/receiving the design that works.

11:10 - Vitaliy Goncharuk will talk about the future of VR/AR in 2-3 years and in 5-7 years. He’ll cover both hardware and software trends. 

11:40 - Ia Darakhvelidze, with the speech: "Be brave, create with love! How to find and strive for the job you love". Based on her own experience, she’ll share how this should be a timely step in your career and be filled with new ideas every day.

12:30 - Anna Buryachkova, represented by Radioaktivefilm will hold a workshop about music video directing. She has directed some of the top music videos in Ukraine and beyond. Anna will also speak about music videos as a short form of visual storytelling, cinematographic and abstract. 

15:30 - Workshop from Moira Garee about event production: concept & strategy. In this workshop, you’ll learn the introduction to producing live events in-line with the business mission & vision statements, how to build on your brand through creative activations and the importance of establishing an archive.

17:50 Levan Ambokadze will be crash testing the attendees with the 6 steps of the design thinking: Mastering Product Thinking - Crash Course.

19:30 - Our creathon ends with project presentations. The team leaders of each group of the creathon will present their projects, we’ll see the product of different digital creative professionals working and ideating together - movies, animations, illustrations etc.

1 March / Afterparty

12:00 - Boiler Room Afterparty at the terrace of Rooms Kazbegi

18:00 - Leave for Tbilisi

We hope to see you at the event and celebrate together creative potential. 

Learn, share and get inspired with Touch!

We are very excited! And you? :)

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P.S. The agenda is subject to change due to the speakers' availability and weather conditions.