The problems and topics we'll discuss on 29-31 May at Tech Touch conference

The crisis is creating the most powerful companies because they are flexible and adaptable to any circumstances. 

Touch will invite the top-level executives,  heads of research and entrepreneurs who managed to find the way out during these hard times or can share useful information and tools for survival.

At Tech Touch, we’ll go through the following topics:

Cloud Technology - how companies can use cloud technologies to run their business online.

Cloud technology has been available on the market for a long time already.

Google Cloud, IBM, Amazon Web Services and other service providers of the kind have developed the best in class solutions to put any data and workflow online. 

Moreover, they have built a set of supportive applications that give an opportunity to set up and run the business online, seamlessly connecting and integrating it with any other services one may need. 

At Tech Touch, we’ll ask the representatives of all the companies above-mentioned about the better usage of the cloud technology and - what’s more important - how to optimize the budget while doing so.

AI/ML - machine learning, voice recognition and simulation, image recognition and other implications of artificial intelligence. 

It has been already democratised to the level when anybody can learn how to program an application that can learn and do unreal things.

For instance, one of Tech Touch speakers, CEO of Respeecher, will explain, how their AI-machine is capable of simulating the voice of any person it heard, so as it can speak the random text you give to it with the voice of Obama or Einstein. 

Another speaker will share his company achievement in the field of video content creation automatically. Video productions will be much interested to learn about this disruptor.

Big Data - collecting the Big Data, analysing and using it to understand and predict the customer behaviour.

We believe there are many great business owners and marketers in our network. 

Though, some of them could be perfect specialists only in understanding their customers’ behaviour offline. 

But how to predict their behaviour in the current situation? Especially, if they will stay online for much longer than till the end of the quarantine.

Well, the good news is that collecting information about the customers online is way easier, and there are tons of tools to analyse it and use for the good of the company. 

E-commerce - how to keep the operations running, cut off the burdens, keep the team and sales working.

We are happy that some of the Georgian entrepreneurs have launched the websites and tools helping the local companies to open the e-commerce shops. 

Switching to online sales will help many enterprises survive this period. It will also stay there after the crisis - why not use another good distribution channel? 

We’d like to hear more about how to put the business online, set up the payments, attract the customers, make deliveries, create content and do online advertising.

Fintech - new solutions for business, retail banking, digital banking, startups & banks.

Touch will unite digital banking evangelists - and fintech solutions developers to look for the optimal ways of turning most of the bank services to virtual. 

Some of the Georgian banks are already doing a great job in this direction.

We think each and every financial institution should go through the digitalisation as soon as possible. 

How? Let’s discuss at the conference.

Cybersecurity - protecting the company data while working online, employee privacy issues.

We heard some employers make their employees turn on the webcam for the whole working day - to watch them sitting steadily at the computer from 9 till 6. This can’t be real in the 21st century.

Great leaders don’t organise surveillance - they find a proper way of motivating people to do their tasks and save the work-life balance.

Another issue arising here will be related to Big Data and Cloud technology - the safety of the company data and personal data.  We’ll touch these painful points as well.

Tourism & Travel Technology - how to prepare for the boom after the crisis, will the boom actually be there; next tourism season: expectations and projections, how technology can help the business in the travel and hospitality industry.

No doubt, this time is the hardest for tourism agencies, airlines, hotels, B&Bs and restaurants. 

We would like to explore how the hospitality industry changed its face and what it will be like in 2021? 

This is also a question for international trade, technology transfer, education exchange, and even cultural heritage preservation.  And, finally, the question of the event industry that touches Touch.

Remote work: how the crisis will make us more global and open new opportunities, going global - new wave.

Asana, TopTal, Aligned Research Group, as well as Touch team itself, will be happy to share the story of their remote work.

Seriously, there is nothing special of switching to the work online. Everything one may need for staying productive at this time, is the list of tools and basic guidelines of online work.

We have recently posted in our video a few tips for organising painless video calls. More useful information will be shared with our Tech Touch guests.

Startups: what the investors think, what the founders should know to survive.

We invite investors who are helping their portfolio companies go through the tensions, and also other entrepreneurs who have figured out how to survive. 

Many startups are now desperately looking for funding to prolong their runway. Hopefully, they will find some answers during the conference. 

Touch is looking for real success stories to help Georgian entrepreneurs overcome the crisis and start a digital transformation in their companies. 

Ticket sales will start soon.