What you can get from Tech Touch conference


We invite speakers who are not actually speakers by profession - they are specialists with deep knowledge in a particular field, a background of working in global companies and insights you would never find in google.

They have agreed to share this knowledge with the event attendees, with Touch community - because they are interested in our market and professionals. 

Tech Touch can become a starting point for your partnership with some of the biggest tech companies.

Just to remind the main tracks of the event:

- Artificial intelligence applications in business

- Cloud technology

- Future of work, education and travel

- Business digitalisation

- Survival tips for startups

- Cybersecurity

- Mobile technology

- Opportunities for career growth and business in various fields of technology

- Space industry

Conference attendees will be able to ask the questions to the speakers right during the talk, via a live text chat. And discuss everything they’ve heard at the night networking online. 

Everything is in one place - web application called Pine (when you purchase the ticket - you get the invitation to Pine onto your email).

Attendee cards as they were seen at another event organised in Pine app


Last October, we had a chance to use a whole Rustaveli Theatre for the business meetings between attendees.

We can copy that practiceinto the online world and organise the speed dating in the same app, during the conference days.

When you get the ticket to Tech Touch, and you receive the email with the invitation to Pine - now it’s your turn to tell the world about your professionalism or your company.

→ Log in into Pine.

→ Fill in your profile.

→ Create the attendee card - add information about your background, links to your works, and some fun to make your card stand out.

→ Fill in the profile of your company, add its logo, website and description - this is included into the usual ticket And it will be visible in the Company list for everyone at the event.

→ Set up your calendar and get ready for invitations for the 1-1 calls - or arrange them by yourself, invite other interesting for you attendees to have a call.

List of companies view in Pine app

If you want to see the matchmaking magic of the application, use the Random networking and connect with people based on the interests you indicated on the attendee card. So much fun with that! 


You might find new friends, colleagues or partners during Tech Touch if you will be actively using meetings and random networking.


Do you know who are the attendees of Tech Touch?

It might be your target audience! 

Young professionals seeking innovative approaches, opportunities or a job, using the latest gadgets, building their own business, looking for something new and interesting.

Wait, does it mean that you can show how innovative your brand is and promote it at the technology conference? 


For that, in our Pine app, we will have a special Virtual Expo.

Like on the usual conference. 

If you decide to partner with us, you can place your Virtual Booth in Pine, organise workshops or Q/A session by your company representatives in parallel to the main program. 

Virtual Expo overview

Explain your product or services, attract more leads, gain interest from potential coworkers, drive traffic to your website  - so many opportunities are open at our expo.

We will also help you with the communication support in that case and will be happy to collaborate with you further.

Inside Virtual Booth

The event app opens many interesting promo options for the companies - text us to get the details:


We expect Tech Touch conference to be even more international than it would be if we’d made it offline. 

Such a great chance to talk with people in the industry and get new knowledge or connections to be prepared for the after-crisis world.

We’re on this with you!

Stay in Touch!

P.S. And get your tickets here: