Everybody talks about networking

The main reason for going to any conferences and meetups is establishing a good network. And there is a couple of techniques you could use, plus, at Touch, we will provide you with even more tools to find new customers, partners, investors and solutions.

7 tips for perfect networking:

1. Get well-prepared for the event in advance

Learn about the type of the event, think which part of the program will be mostly attended by people you need to meet with and how you could find them. Register for related workshops or seminars, join the networking parties. Check if there will be a food court or meeting points which are a good chance to intersect with those you’re looking for.

2. Contacts exchange and introduction

Think about how you will introduce yourself to people you meet at the event. Name, surname, position, company. Or field of expertise. And train your elevator pitch to present to potential partners, customers or investors - 1-minute explanation of what you are doing and for whom (your main target). Take the business cards or have your phone in hand for the contacts exchange via Facebook or LinkedIn.

3. Smile

No, seriously, try to be welcoming, soft and smiley with people if you want to start a conversation. Your first impression matters the most, and it takes just a few seconds to make the right one. 

4. Immersing into the group

If you see someone you need (always check their badge) is talking with another visitor, try to stand close for a couple of minutes, listen to their dialogue and join it naturally when you have something relevant or useful to add. Don’t try to just pay attention to you - add real value to the conversation, otherwise, all of you will feel awkward. 

5. Approaching people

If the person you were looking for stands alone and is, for example, listening to the talk on the stage, get to him/her, stand close and wait while the talk ends, give them to finish listening in order not to seem rude and interrupt. Then approach them, smile, say “Hi” and make some comment about the presentation you’ve been just watching, present yourself and start the conversation. Remember to offer your help to the person firstly, then ask for what you need. You should show that you can be useful for them in the first place, that will make them feel they can count on you and make favour in return.

6. Don’t go alone

Check who from your network is also going to the event, connect with them and go together. You will be able to introduce each other to new people and make the acquainting process way easier. 

7. Follow up after the event

To all the contacts you got, even if you’re not sure they will give something to your company or career, send a follow-up email or message 1-2 days after the event and arrange a meeting with them within the next week. Don’t make this in a week or two - people may already forget about you and won’t get in contact anymore. Don’t lose the connections you got and make them work for you as soon as possible.

Bonus tip

We'll add all the guests to the WhatsApp chats for communication inside the groups. This will help you to connect with new people in the field and reach out to them after the creathon.