Touch22 x Startups

To people who have great ideas and want to show them to the whole world, this chance is for you.

  Touch Summit 2022 gives you an opportunity to exhibit your startups. You will meet lots of interesting and experienced people. You can listen to their stories, advise and, at the same time, find investors.    

   In Rustaveli theater there will be stands for startup owners. Imagine being in a place full of motivated people just like you. This room will be like a little silicon valley - sharing ideas, discussing, helping, and listening to each other. Personal communications are key to success. It’s important to know how to make friends and partners. You will challenge yourself and challenges always change our lives in both personal and professional ways.  

   30 startups will be at the exhibition for two days. You will show your product to speakers, jury, and attendees as well. Your ideas deserve to be shared with others, so don’t hesitate to participate. 

 There are some specific requirements for participation :

1. Your startup must be connected to technologies.

2. The startup must have MVP.

3. Your product must improve the market or solve the problem.

4. The startup must be innovative for the market.  

Registration is until 25th November 

Registration link: