What awaits you at Startup Touch 

Startup Touch is a remote conference for people like you, who has startup ideas and tech solutions. The main goal is to connect you with investors, mentors and other beneficial people. These new connections will help any stakeholder improve their conditions in achieving their goals. You will be able to find angels, accelerators and investors that match your industries of work. You will also get known to speakers and representatives from global and local companies. That gives you a great chance to get new members for your team and advisors to your project or find the right team for you to join. You will learn how their startups work and what challenges and problems you might come across with your startup. Getting a greater perception of your field will boost your way to success.

Who can participate? 

Students, entrepreneurs or any group of people who works on their startup in tech industries and domains like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotics, Agricultural tech, Future cars, Cloud tech, Enterprise solutions and Cleantech, edtech, HR tech, fintech, eCommerce, marketplaces, platforms, or just have an idea that they think will blossom as a startup, can apply for Startup Touch. This is a perfect chance for you. The startups from Central and East Europe and Central Asia will get selected during the event and also they will get some advice from people who are experienced in the same field. Do not overthink yourself, whether you fit the criteria or not. It is simple: if you ever had a startup idea or found an enterprise solution, Startup Touch is for you.

Why Startup Touch 

Startup Touch allows you to improve yourself and your startup in so many ways. The list of activities, that are presented by the Touch Team includes practising all of the necessary planning, implementing and communication skills for you to successfully manage your startup. Here is the list of the activities:

- Talks and round tables about the opportunities in the technology field in the region.

- Crash Test for innovative ideas and scientific-based projects with commercialization potential.

- Bootcamp with workshops deep-diving into the topics so necessary for the founders to obtain to understand how to manage a business.

- Mentorship sessions with specially invited mentors and industry professionals.

- Networking online with many people on an international level that is a great source of promoting your project and finding partners in various new markets.

- Pitch Night where the selected TOP 20 startups from the region will present their companies to the jury panel that will consist of investors and ecosystem builders.

The environment that is created by people with the same interests and with the activities that help these people connect more, is perfect for you if your main goal is to get successful with your startup idea.

How to apply 

It is simple!

You just have to visit Startup Touch, submit the registration, wait for the Touch team to qualify your application and confirm your participation. We will be with you also before the conference to help you prepare and benefit from it at the maximum.

Remember, Touch is important.