List of startups coming to Startup Touch conference

Happy to present them to our community:

Intrro is building the next generation hiring platform for fast-growing organizations leveraging employees networks to access a broader, verified and more diverse pool of talent via employee referrals.

Smart Window (iRNERO) - Georgian innovator in the production of aluminium windows - multifunctional stained-glass windows with the possibility of self-cleaning and ventilation systems.

Lucky Carrot solves the problem of employee disengagement which is when employees do not put their passion, energy, best efforts and ideas into work and for sure, will not go the extra mile for their company. Employee disengagement costs employers up to $550 billion every year.

AlmexECM is ready to use a low code platform for business process automation and electronic document management.

OmniOpti developed a new algorithm that can provide you with the best route option for your delivery. Their solution works in a cloud and is easily integrated into any existing program.

Block Buy - an E-commerce marketplace that donates part of the fees to the areas where transactions have been made.

Intelligent Audition - a hybrid customer interaction listening system.

Kid Security is the first parental control app kids really like.

4Driver - a two-way marketplace for work, transport and services for drivers, where drivers compete for work, and providers of transport and services compete for drivers. A job for everyone with a driver's license.

Smartest is an educational platform where high school students evaluate their gaps in knowledge and prepare for exams in bite-size lessons that feel like a game.

Sendit.Money - from clunky insecure platforms and apps, high exchange rates, poor customer service to hidden fees, remittance is broken. So they decided to build a company from the ground that would challenge the bigger players and reinvent how people send and receive money in emerging markets.

ZENOO is a healthy dog food subscription service based on scientifically proven diet and raw ingredients. It prevents various health conditions and hopefully prolongs lifespan (or at least keeps it as nature intended).

uTrigg brings empathy in digital b2b communications!

Ehotelspace as a SAAS platform presents essential features and tools that enable great opportunity in terms of sales management and customer interaction for hotels.

VETFORCALL is a telemedicine platform where pet owners can book an appointment, digitize their pet health history, have a video consultation and receive electronic prescription / recommendation from a vet, all in one place.

Travel Guide - a global travel platform helping users to plan trips easily and quickly.

T-Augur deploys AI (NLP) to make the process of New Product /Service Development faster and cheaper for enterprises, manufacturers, healthcare providers, aviation industry, and governmental agencies.

ditData - Digital Ocean for data science.

SpeakerGuru is a VR online platform for training internal communications of employees (for example, management skills) and external communications (training of sales managers). SpeakerGuru allows you to train social skills effectively across the globe (anywhere and anytime).

NeuXP is going to solve the accessibility to banking and lifestyle offerings for non-residents by providing an integrated platform with full digital onboarding and access.

Bioscope is a non-invasive, portable diagnostic medical device for early detection of various diseases.

Fusebox - balancing the volatility of supply and demand in the electricity grid by building virtual power plants that trade the flexibility in electricity consumption and helping local companies to become demand response aggregators.

Pide - the company’s main goal is to create the first ecosystem for all pet owners living in Georgia, Asia and Eastern Europe.

SmartLaws is a platform that provides tools which help to solve legal tasks - electronic signature, document templates, document management tools. Use of legal services online is easy, safe and you may control costs better.

CASERS is an interactive case study platform. CASERS helps professional case writers and individual lecturers create interactive case studies with multimedia, students collaboration and remote teaching.

ChoiZY - a future of career guidance for school children to decide on a future profession, students to choose a career, young professionals to change a job. With the help of AI ChoiZY identifies personal interests, helps to discover careers (428 professions!), identifies person's soft skills, helps to improve hard skills and assists in getting a person's desired job!

HintEd is a low-code software for creating interactive in-application walkthroughs for various enterprise platforms that help to save $1000+ on training, onboarding and technical support per employee per year.

Clockster is a SaaS HRm system that allows SMEs to effectively manage their employees' work hours.

Craft Systems offers a simple, cost-effective and flexible tool (Web software platform) for fast creation of scalable cloud applications almost without programming ("low-code").

Readlax - brain games for speed reading. 

Itravel - first Georgian booking platform with a wide range of products at the lowest prices.

Unleash AI turns ordinary IP cameras into smart devices giving it an opportunity to see and analyze events within millisecond 24/7.

B2C.GE is an eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs to create their own online shop in 5 minutes and start selling immediately.

Yaren Smart Citizen Assistant - a citizen assistant that gives solutions based on the user's preferences, environmental data and sustainability targets of each city.

TheGepek solves the problem of high prices for sending smaller packages, long delivery time (cross-town delivery) or impossibility of delivery (24/7 and weekends).

Kickly is an app for sports organizations to easily create graphic content.

Inventors - a platform that unites all auto parts traders in one space with the help of AI / ML. It is easy to use and it provides delivery, warranty, quality check, payment…

iScoot will create an electric Moped Sharing market in Georgia that will offer customers a mobile app to rent an electric scooter and move around the city bypassing traffic jams and parking problems.

Transcoder Optime cuts down costs for companies that need to process vast amounts of video content by providing them with a highly optimized video transcoder, which is achieved by their custom algorithm.

StudyDive IDP - a software for individual development planning. This project will help HR managers incorporate employee assessment results and easily track the progress of their employees on personal (or individual) development plans (IDPs).

Masthead is a data reliability platform that allows users to monitor data faults and notify its users' data errors.

Orka will remove physical papers and clock-in cards, bring all data in real time, the exact location of check-in, communication inside the app, task assignments.

Mandarini is going to enhance popularisation of Georgian national cuisine, products and culinary culture worldwide. A marketplace for Georgian high quality and authentic food producers to reach customers abroad and easily export their products.

Rhetorikey aims to create a tool that will help people improve their speech quality, solve speech problems, prepare them for various events (talk, meeting, exam etc).

AIR is going to solve the problem of a working capital gap for wine merchants and importers by providing an AI-based valuation of wine as collateral to lenders.

Turned Grand - turning people into their favourite cartoons by drawing them digitally. Currently Turned Grand does everything by hand with the help of their team of talented artists but the end goal is to create an AI that will be capable of doing this.

Que - aimed at creating an agile solution to queues, lines and bookings.

CityPay.io’s cryptocurrency payment system solves the high transaction fee and chargebacks problems for e-commerce by avoiding all chargebacks and offering the lowest transaction fee in the market.

More startups will join us during the event also as attendees, so other participants will be able to find those in the list, chat or arrange a call to discuss potential collaboration or investment.

See you there: touch.ge/startup