Bad advices for lazy students

Iddo Gino who has raised $3.5 million of investments for his company up to date, started it when he was only 19 years old. We are sure that you yourself can call a few people who started their careers as students, and who now came to incredible success.

Student time is the start of great career opportunities. Why?

Because now you are freer in your choice. People don't expect you to be a great achiever. Received the Science Publication Award? This is already quite something. And it is in the student years that the cost of a mistake is not so high.

But how to start?

Stay tuned. Subscribe to global channels on various topics: science, technology, culture, economics, politics, art. The more you are aware of the events in the world, the more interesting talking partner you make.

However, you should pay extra attention to the topic you would like to work with. And if it's design, your subscription list should have more design media.

Meeting the right people. The best way to do this is by attending conferences and events. New connections, networking and communicating with people, who share your interests, is the most crucial part of getting successful. More people in your contacts lead to more doors open.

We understand how important this is, that is why we offer students a good discount to our events. More details here.

Be active on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

To get started, add trendy experts and personalities to your friends list. Or at least subscribe to them. Even if Elon Musk just likes your tweet, it's already inspiring, right? Even without a job offer from Tesla.

Then share how you spend your time: attending events, going to exhibitions, going to the movies, seeing a funny advertisement or a billboard? It may seem funny to someone else too. As a student, I just shared on Facebook one cafe in Minsk, where they showed really good films from different countries. And the business angel liked my post, because she is also from Minsk and she found it nice. By the way, a year later I was already helping her with one project. And we met in person at the afterparty of one technology conference. It really works!

Internships. Get ready to work for ideas, experience and the opportunity to meet cool people. At the start, it is more valuable than money. Trust me.

Companies are often looking for interns. You can try yourself being a personal assistant. Entrepreneurs have a lot of tasks and they are also often on the lookout for good assistants. Lack of experience is not a problem, just be responsible, executive. Don't be afraid to be creative.

And if you do not see a vacancy in a company that you like, do not be afraid to write to them and offer your idea and yourself as an intern.

We were looking for interns in the summer and are not actively searching now. But if you really want to, you can always write to us info@touch.ge and we will definitely read your letter and give an answer. Perhaps you will become part of our team ;)

Be active, interested. Just get going.

Author: Kary Starkova,

Community manager at Touch Platform