Key Topics we Touch

Like any other tech event in this world, we want our speakers to inspire the visitors with impressive stories about their ideas, realised products, achievements and just a crazy experience in the universe of creative and digital.

Though, this is not enough for getting to the Summit and spending the whole 2 days within it.

Practical information, real industry insights, tips and tricks of getting into new spheres, opening an absolutely new market and disrupting the huge corrupted industries - this is what Touch is going to be about.

For the 4th edition of the event, we bring over 40 global and local business owners, startup founders, creative directors and project managers to share something useful with Touch visitors.

Two stages will be working in parallel during 30 and 31 October, and the guests will be able to choose where they can get more relevant information for them. The agenda will be announced at the beginning of October. Before that, we can share with you what main topics will be presented at Touch:

- Tech business building: setting up the companies of tomorrow, moving forward the innovations in the country and going global;

- Product design: design thinking, prototyping & testing, managing the design team, UX/UI and how to use the design approach in any business;

- Content creation & Creative production: making visual content for various kind of companies and campaigns, rocking the social media and discovering new formats and media to deliver the message to the right audience;

- Enterprise Digitalisation: tools one can use to automatise, optimise their old big business processes, save money and time, innovate and defeat the competitors;

- Startups & Entrepreneurship: fundraising, growth hacking, scaling to global markets;

- Data science: cases - use cases of Machine Learning tech and working with Big Data;

- Fintech session: innovating in the hard industry of banking, finances and insurance.

- Women in tech part of the Summit will be presented within each of the sessions, as we want to encourage more women joining the world of digital and leading new ventures.

- Pitching competition: 20 selected preseed - and seed-stage startups from the region will be presenting their projects on one of the stages in front of the jury members, a good opportunity for local investors and business angels to hear about new potential companies, and for to-be entrepreneurs - to learn how to pitch the idea to the public.

Touch will host coding and design workshops on top of that, as well as the Product Tank (product-focused side event) and PowerPoint Karaoke (activity for those eager to go on the stage and train their public speaking in a fun way).