Pitching competition terms

Pitching competition is not a key benefit of the Startup Pass, that’s why only selected 20 startups out of 50 accepted teams will go to the stage. Though, all the startups will go through the online interviews with Touch partner investors and competition partners before the event thus everyone will have the opportunity to pitch their startup to investors and get their invaluable feedback.

Pitching competition is just a pitching competition, it is not necessarily based on the product credibility, market, team or any other components of the projects accepted for the Startup Pass. In most of the cases, how the startup communicates its product is the major reason for a decision whether the startup should proceed with the competition or not. As the admission is general, without a focus on a particular domain or tech, the competition will stand on the ability of the startup team to fill in the application and prepare a good investor deck, master the pitch for the interview with Touch team and partners, and, if selected, present properly the company on the stage.

Online interviews will be conducted by 2 people, separately for each startup: 1 representative of Touch team + 1 investor/partner.

Startups that are not selected for the pitching competition, still have all other benefits of the Startup Pass except for the pitching on the stage.

The Summit official language is English, all the talks, program, competition, interviews and other communication will be in English. Touch team is international, please submit your application and requests to the organizers in English only, otherwise, they won't be accepted.

Due to the high intensity of the event organizational part of the Summit, the organizers will not be able to track startup requests sent via channels other than those which are indicated by the organizers at the beginning of communication and before the Summit itself.

The organizers will not be able to provide the services for the startups that have lost all the set deadlines. In order to get the best out of the Summit, the startup must follow all the deadlines and instructions, read thoroughly all the emails and messages from the organizers. Otherwise, the lost deadline will not be fixed and the startup will lose some of the opportunities. The tickets for Touch are not refunded under any circumstances and Startup Pass cannot be transferred to another company without the permission of the organizing team and Startup manager.

For the pitching competition, the selection for the pitching semifinal will be made by the Touch team and investors and partners who interviewed the startups. This should be startup related professionals with a background in digital entrepreneurship and global companies. Each online interview will be assessed by 2 people as mentioned above. During the pitching semifinal, on 30 October, 20 startups will be assessed by the jury panel consisting of 5 jury members confirmed and announced by the organizers before the Summit. It is under the Touch team decision only to change the list of the jury members in case of any emergency or if one or two of the jury members cannot attend the Summit. Organizers will substitute the missing jury members with the appropriate candidates. The same works for the pitching finals held on 31 October - jury panel of 5 members confirmed and announced by the organizers.

Each startup selected for pitching semifinal (and then for pitching finals) should offer one of its representative (preferably, Founder, CEO or CTO) to go to the stage to present the startup. One-two more team members can join the presenter on the stage for the Q/A (questions and answers) session with jury members only, to help the presenter answering specific questions. The startup should provide the organizers with the list of representatives going to the stage a week before the event. The pitching and Q/A will be held in English. The presenter will be provided with a radio microphone and a clicker to switch the slides of the presentation (pitch deck) accompanying the pitching. The monitor with the timer might also be set on the stage or close to it (optional). Each startup has 5 minutes on the stage: 3 minutes for pitching + 2 minutes for Q/A session with jury members. Summit attendees cannot join the Q/A session, it is only for the jury.

Selected for the pitching startup should send their pitch deck (presentation) in English strictly by the deadline indicated by the organizers. Decks received after this deadline will not be accepted. Any branded fonts and media files should also be sent with the decks. Decks should be provided in 2 formats - .pptx and .pdf. The organizers will check the presentations on the screens before the Summit starts, founders are encouraged to join and see how it works on the screen. There is no particular example for the pitch deck, good examples can be found within the internet. NO video is allowed on the slides as it can cause technical issues.

Criteria for pitching competition based on which jury panel will be assessing the startup pitchings:

1. Product

Is the product ready to solve the problems of the company’s target audience? Is there a market for it?

2. Market potential

How big is the market for the product? Does the team understand their market?

3. Scalability

Can the product be scaled easily to other markets? Does the team see the global expansion strategy

4. Professional team

Professional background of the team. Are all the key roles covered in the team?

5. Marketing

Have the team identified the right distribution channels? Can their price policy work for the target audience?

6. Communication & presentation

Overall communication of the product, pitch deck and presentation

Scores: 0-10 points for each criterion, where the jury member puts “0” if in their opinion the project does not relate with the criteria at all, and “10” - if the project perfectly relates with the criteria. The jury members will be putting the scores as the startups will be pitching, but in the end, they will get together for a jury deliberation where they can compare all the startup pitchings listened by that moment and may change their scores, selecting the most appropriate winners due to the selection criteria mentioned above. No other criteria will be taken into consideration during the jury deliberation rather than mentioned 6 ones. Touch team will not publish the scores from the jury sheets under any circumstances as this information is deemed as confidential by the organizers. All the processes of the pitching competition will follow the current Terms.