Georgian Technology & Innovation Awards 2020


29 November

Best place for exploring the digital and innovative potential of Georgia!

Georgian Technology & Innovation Awards

Georgian Technology & Innovation Awards is the first awards in the country for the IT companies and agencies, startups collaboration with enterprise, and the most progressive IT departments of any company in Georgia.

Georgian Technology & Innovation Awards categories

Cases of corporate-startup collaboration

3 best cases of corporate-startup collaboration in 2019-2020

Most innovative middle enterprise companies

3 most innovative middle enterprise companies in 2019-2020

Most adaptive companies

3 most adaptive companies that responded to COVID-19 and won from it

Best employer

3 best employer in 2020

Most active investors

3 most active investors in 2019-2020

Companies with the best learning environment

3 companies with the best learning environment for employees in 2020

Companies with the most impactful CSR activities

3 companies with the most impactful CSR activities in 2019-2020

Most progressive startups

3 most progressive startups in 2020

Most active women entrepreneurs

5 most active women entrepreneurs in technology

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