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What's Touch

Touch is about education, knowledge sharing and networking. The platform consists of various components that help us to build the local community of entrepreneurs and international network of experts, partners and investors.


Join our

If you are building the technology startup in any country of Europe, we invite you to apply to the customized programs based on your company’s stage of development. Touch partners with various accelerators and incubators around the world.

Incubation Program

Online customized program which you can join at any moment if you have an idea or first prototype of your product. We will invite our mentors and partners to help you transform it into the working product.

Acceleration Program

This program will work for the companies that have developed their MVP (minimum viable product) already, got their first revenue and are now looking for funding or advice for scaling further. Apply to get in the first batch or be recommended to some of the global accelerators.

Growth Program

For the scale-ups that are looking for additional help with conquering the new market areas, expanding their team and operations, or raising the round A+. This program is currently under development but you can apply to get in the first batch or be recommended to some of the global accelerators.

How we help

As we work with many digital solutions and IT companies, we can connect them with corporate companies or SMEs looking for innovations in their work. On top of that, Touch also provides customized training for the teams of various organisations - about innovative culture, useful digital tools for work optimisation and many others.



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