Stack App raises $850K in seed funding to rebuild the internet browsing experience

In May 2020, I invited one of the co-founders of Stack App - Giorgi Laliashvili, to speak about the future of work at the Tech Touch conference. His vision seemed very reasonable to me and in his talk, he included plenty of productivity tips and real-life examples from their own startup.

Stack team’s goal is to improve our browsing experience and make working with apps and messengers as seamless as possible. Or, as they say - to build the operating system for the Internet.

Their story is full of challenges and it might serve as a good showcase of the struggles that founders working in emerging ecosystems are going through every day. The pandemic presented yet another obstacle by taking a key potential investor off the table. The team, guided by their mission, however, persevered and made it through the crisis with a successful crowdfunding campaign.

(You can read this incredible story here: https://getstack.app/supporters)

Their study as well as the interesting product they built gained them a lot of attention from the investors. Finally, Stack just recently announced they raised $850,000 in a seed funding round from 500 Startups and Peak Capital.

We had a chat with Giorgi about the foreseeing future of the Stack App.

A.R.: What are your plans now for the company as you have received the investment?

G.L.: We are now fully set to fuel the growth of the company and our user base. We plan to start paid marketing to reach a wider audience faster and build and upgrade the product with the increased speed.

A.R.: Are you planning to hire and who will you be looking for?

G.L.: On the first stage, we're planning to grow our product development team and onboard a few senior software developers. Later, we'll also need to expand our marketing capabilities as well.

A.R.: Are you going to work in the EU or fly to the US and work with 500 Startups's network?

G.L.: The 500 Startups’ program and network are fully remote at this point, so a part of the team will be in the Netherlands and another part, here in Georgia.

Now we hope and believe that this case will become a role model for other entrepreneurs in Georgia (and the region) to follow if they see the potential in the market for their ideas.


Today, so many doors are open - distant acceleration programs, online calls with investors and virtual startup conferences, everything is becoming more and more accessible. All you need to do is reach for it with open hands, and put in some extra effort and your dreams will suddenly become much more achievable.

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Author: Alina Rozanova