Scale your startup globally

Touch helps startups to scale their business globally
During the Summit, founders can present their startups to European and Eastern investors, companies and accelerators

Startup Touch

Touch looks for technology startups from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Central Asia. 

The Summit will serve as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East for the entrepreneurs.

We’re expecting for the teams that easily fit the following criteria:

* Tech-based project (no wine production or marketing agencies, just software, hardware, IoT etc.)
* Team of 2+ members
* MVP (minimum viable product) ready - something you can already sell to someone else
* Initial traction - signups, downloads, website traffic, partnership signed etc.
* Global product - focused on the customer not only in the native country but in other similar markets as well

Benefits for Startup Pass holders

P2P help

Start with talking with other entrepreneurs from other counties & spheres - you might find good partners or new ambassadors


You could find great candidates for your open vacancies among Touch attendees, be it a developer, an SMM manager or a designer


Here you will see the list of investors coming from all over the region, seeking for new investment opportunity - BE that opportunity for them!

Business development

Sell your product right from your stand or negotiate with potential partners welcoming them with glass of wine


Get through the interview as a crash test by the investors from our global network, hear feedback from professionals and get ready for new challenges: selected startup will join the PitchUp! - special side activity within the Summit to prepare for the pitching


A week before the event, ask us for a list of media coming to the Summit - make sure to find them and pitch your idea to them at the event

Stay in contact

Before the Summit, you will receive an invitation to our networking app, it will be very helpful with arranging the 1-1 meetings with whoever you need during the Summit

Startup Pass includes:

  • Access to the main program of the Summit (30-31 Oct)
  • Join networking parties
  • Connect with potential partners & customers via a mobile application
  • Join the workshops
  • Access ProductTank Tbilisi (A global network of meetups for product people, by product people)
  • Access PowerPoint Karaoke (Exercise designed to practice public speaking, presentation, and pitching skills
  • Stand at the Startup Expo (production cost included) (50 spots available)
  • Join a free Webinar about pitching and presentation preparation
  • Present the startup from the stage to the Summit attendees and the jury panel

Meet the jury

The committee of industry specialists, entrepreneurs, Professionals and super amazing people.


Marite Aleksandra Silava


Fintech Community Manager


Daniel Hastik

Nextech Ventures



Pascal Condamine


Startup Evangelist


Sebastien Toupy

The Next Web

Head of Startup Relations


Egita Polanska

Startup Wise Guys



Abdulrahman Al Qahtani




Günce Önür


Startup Fundraising Advisor